Phuket Thailand after dark

Exciting daytime and entertaining nightlife is literally what Phuket is about. We all enjoy a day at beach with a wide range of sport activities, and we have fun and never feel enough of them. But when night falls and moon rises, a different Phuket emerges with a full swing of lively entertainment filled beer bars, go-go bars, discos, karaoke clubs, nightclubs, Thai girls and ladyboys, beautiful shows, and you name it. Phuket extremely offers to all a variety of parties and tastes and the best nightlife scene.

Most of the after-hour venues also pump up your adrenaline with the mixture of Western, traditional and contemporary Thai music – jazz, pop, rock, country and so on.

Phuket fun time and party


But don’t be surprised when entering Thai style nightclubs, there is no common dance floor, and people just squeeze in around their table and dance next to one another. Some venues also offer live bands.


At the end of the night, Phuket nightlife is much geared toward your need and suits your tastes. It is such a great combination of the paradise’s charm and great atmosphere. So welcome to a real paradise of all! Everything happens for a good reason of vivid life.


Let the good times roll and you will find a fun night out just right down in Phuket after dark.

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Phuket after dark bars and ladies

Patong nightlife

The heart of Phuket nightlife is Patong beach, with Bangla Road being the main strip. There are dozens of arcades of tiny bars packed right next to one another, as well as several large western style nightclubs. The discos charge up to 400 baht for admission but this includes two drinks. Soi Seadragon is home to the majority of the go-go bars, while Soi Eric, Soi Tiger and Soi Crocodile are among the most popular strips. Safari Bar on the outskirts of Patong is the main after-hours venue. A rock-climbing wall, food stands, and indoor and outdoor dancing areas are some of the attractions there.


pubs and nightclubs

Kata and Karon nightlife

The Kata/Karon area is a smaller, quieter, version of Patong and caters more to Scandinavian visitors. There are a few bars lanes located there, but no large discos. Rawai, on the southern tip of the island, is a sleepy beach town during the day, but has plenty going on after dark. Rawai beach is lined with dozens of small and medium sized bars and many of them tend to bend the rules regarding closing times.


Phuket nightlife also offers a number of more family oriented activities. Central Festival Walk and Jung Ceylon feature English language cinemas showing major western films. There are two mini-golf courses on the island, three bowling alleys, a go-karting track and a shooting range. The Green Man British Pub near Kata and Rawai hosts a Thursday night pub quiz and there are live jazz jams every Wednesday night at Music Matter - a little jazz joint found in Phuket Town .


Phuket hangout and thailand style bars

Phuket Town nightlife

The nightlife in Phuket Town is predominantly made up of Thai style nightclubs scattered all over the maze of one-way streets that make up old town Phuket. These joints are lively affairs, packed with a crowd of Thais and resident foreigners. They usually feature live bands playing a mix of western covers and traditional and contemporary Thai music. If you’re partying Thai style, pick up a bottle of whiskey at a bottle shop and bring it with you. Corkage fees are almost never charged, although it is expected that you will buy ice and mixers from the pubs. Grab a table and start clinking glasses with everyone within arm’s reach. Most Thai discos have no common dance floor, preferring to pack everyone around ‘standing tables’.


Thai style karaoke


Is highly popular in Thailand and there is a wide range of establishments where you can live out your pop-star fantasies. These range from hole-in-the-wall places with Thai music and friendly hostesses to large restaurants that rent out private booths by the hour.


Some hotels offer VIP Karaoke in a private hotel room complete with an attendant to fill your drinks. Many of these karaoke places provide a selection of beautiful hostesses who charge by the hour to sit with you, though not all of them will willingly leave with you.


Phuket nightlife such as nightclubs pubs and bars

Girlie bars

For those hoping to find some company for the evening there is no shortage of places with friendly girls or gay boys. This aspect of Thailand is very much acceptable and is carried out in a relaxed and open way that isn’t entirely sleazy and is recognised by some as one of the country’s attractions! Many of the bars in specifically designated areas operate for this very purpose, though the atmosphere is by no means intimidating and you’re welcome to sit and enjoy a drink and watch the TV or people in these bars without being hassled. On a slow night some of the girls will happily sit and chat with you (and ask for drinks) even if you have no intention of taking them home. They are only trying to make a living and can be genuine and fun company.


Phuket Thailand after dark